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Column Pipes for Submersible Pumps

Features :
  • Light in Weight
  • Easy & Fast Installation
  • Water Tight Joints
  • No Rusting
  • No Deposition
  • Unique Design
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Longer Life
  • Overall Economy

Strong - Durable Cost Reasonable


Available from 1" to 4" sizes
  • Non Corrosive
  • High Impact
  • High Tensile


Special Square Thread
Paras Pipes is the Best Company which produces Easy & Exact square threads by using its Ultra-Modern Machineries. Pipes are durable and can bear maximum weight. The pipes are jointed and separated easily, which saves valuable time.

EPDM Rubber Rings
For Cellent & Locking system Special EPDM Rubber Rings are used. This gives High quality leak-proof system. Similarly these rings help to absorb vibrations of the pump. Due to this system there is no need to apply Teflon tapes & to hold tight. This saves both time and money.

Wire Lock
The couplers are locked with special wire, made from same uPVC material from which Paras uPVC column Pipes & couplers are made, which gives high quality locking system. This overcomes all the difficulties such as : Loose Couplers, Slipping of pipes from couplers & slipping through pump set.

Pump Guard
Pump Guard saves the Pump Set from falling in the Borewell, thus both Pump and Borewell remain safe. So the use of Pump Guard is very essential.

The Adaptors are prepared with Ultra-Modern Technology they never corrode. They are durable and so they are perfect for Column Pipes and pumps.

Note :
1. Pipes are also available in Bell Types in sizes - 1", 1 1/4"
2. Tail pipe (Violet Screen) available in 1" to 4" sizes.
3. V4 - 15 kg/cm2 - availalble in 1" , 1 1/4" and 1 1/2".

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