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uPVC Casing Pipes

The PARAS Protector range of PVC plain casing and ribbed screen pipes is specially designed to ensure clean, clear water from bore wells, whether shallow or deep. The Protector range is manufactured as per IS 12818 and DIN 4925 standards. Like other pipes, these casing pipes are easy to install. The threaded ends ensure that the pipes can be screwed on to each other, without the use of cement or adhesives.
Advantages :

  • Non toxic
  • Longer lasting
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy installation
  • Light weight
  • Higher well yields
       Installation Guide :

  • Drill a bore of the required size and depth in the ground using suitable boring technique.
  • Ensure that sufficient screen and plain casing pipes have been made available based on water source.
  • Select appropriate type of pipes (CM or CS) to avoid collapse in a bore.
  • Ensure that every casing pipe of be installed is provided with rubber seal (Ring) at threads.
  • Always use bottom cap with sand traps.
  • Fit "C" Clamp below the bell end of the pipe and lower assembly down in the bore with the help of chain pulley block.
  • After lowering the pipe up to the clamp level, tight the second pipe gently with the lowered pipe
  • Use chain wrench for proper jointing but do not over tight.
  • Fix next clamp below bell end of the second pipe and connect the chain pulley with clamp.
  • Remove the clamp of lower pipe and start lowering further.
  • Repeat the jointing method till the required depth of bore well is reached.
  • Fill the gravel between pipe and bore hole.

Dimentions of uPVC Casing Pipes - CS As per IS : 12818-1992

      (Suitable for wells depth up to 80 meter)

Dimentions of uPVC Casing Pipes - CS As per IS : 12818-1992

      (Suitable for wells depth up to 80 meter)
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