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Paras Miracle Plastic Moulded Articles

Our Identity
Belong to the prestigious Bothara Group of Industries, manufacturing the widest & astonishing range of plastic Moulded Articles.

Why Another Wonder
We offer plastic products with enormous / un - believable strength, astonishing range suitable for multi applications available in attractive multi colors. User friendly in different important aspects like cleaning, storage, weight, handling cost. Manufactured from virgin plastic raw material with moulds specially designed to enhance life & durability, certain colors suitable for use in food grade application & certain products suitable for Microwave application.

The Product Range
Different sizes of round crates (also known as ghamelas / tagari / tasla in different languages & places) ranging from 7" to 20" OD, round & Rectangular mesh / jalli crate, Buckets from 3.5 ltrs to 25 ltrs Drums, multi utility double layer cans from 3.5 ltrs to 20 ltrs. 14" & 15" sup, lota, mugs, in different shapes from 600 ml to 1500ml, Water jug, Tubs from 20 ltrs to 50 ltrs, Dust-bins in different shapes (swing type, pedal type & lid type) 7ltrs, 12 ltrs, 27 ltrs. multi utility stools (Rectangular & round) Dust pans, Soap Tray, water pots in double layer design from 10ltrs to 17 ltrs,. Helmet for Industrial / construction use, multi utility pots with lid from 150ml to 650 ml, jaggery moulds to 250gms to 10kg. Microwave deluxe plate (with compartments) 42 pieces complete microwave dinner set (6 nos. each of Dinner plate, quarter plate, vegetable bowl, soup bowl, soup spoons, one big serving bowl with a lid & spoon, one medium serving bowl with a lid & spoon, 3 square serving bowls with lids & spoons. Oval rice serving tray & serving spoon) Drainage cover in sizes 10" X 10", 12" X 12", 18" X 18" and 22" X 16" Mats in sizes 4 X 6 ft., 5 X 7 ft., 6 X 9 ft, 2 x 10 ft & Assan in size - 18" X 20", 24" x 24", all types of stools, multiuse stand,Three types of soap cases, Planters, New dust pan and square milk can in sizes 20ltr and 40ltr.

Miracle kitchen ware articles - All types of containers, tin available.


Salient Product Features
Non rusty, available in Multi colours, Long life & durability, round crates (ghamelas) in bigger size are provided with leather finish columns for better gripping, rings at the bottom for better life, all buckets with 4 way locking type plastic handles, buckets and drums with lids as & when ordered specifically, Mugs with open type & close type handles, Multy - Utility pots & cans with specially designed double layer concept, many colours are suitable for good grade application all items manufactured with virgin raw material & specially designed mould . All items are very User friendly for cleaning handling & storage.

Different Applications
Material handling in Agro Industries & Engineering Industries, Household applications, brick kilns, gardening & nurseries, green houses, milk & dairy Industries cattle feed, Construction & allied Industries, hotels hospitals, marriage halls & municipalities, Corporations, Co-operative societies & Every Application in different walk of life.

Agro Industrial Range

Aqua Range

Household Rangee

Dinner Set    Mats

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