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PVC Pipes

Paras PVC Pipes are the advanced substitute to the conventional water system.They have many advantages over cast iron, asbestos & cement Pipes. The advantages of PARAS Pipes are
  • Durable & water proof
  • Dimensional stability
  • Greater strength and Light weight
  • Highly efficient
  • Hygenic
  • Adaptability
  • Economical.
  • Fire Resistant

Installation method of PARAS Rigid PVC Pipe System

PARAS PVC Pipes & fittings are very convenient & simple to install. PARAS PVC Pipes can be pre-fixed & laid to the desired length or can be fixed on the site as per requirement. Fix the joints using PARAS Solvent cement. Provide air valves at regular interval of 300 mtrs. on plane area and at all sharp turns. Use PARAS fittings of proper size & type where ever necessary.

Size & Range : Available in Size 20mm to 200mm & 2.5 Kg. To 10 Kg. Pressure

Precautions to be taken during installation


Agricultural Irrigation

Industrial use in Chemical industries, Sugar industries & Dairy.

Air vent system for toxic gas.

Rural & Urban water distribution system.

Protective covering for Power and Communication cable

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